CAHO Seminar Series

The Mid Upper Palaeolithic of Russia in its European context

January 6, 2014
by Iza Romanowska


The first seminar of 2014 will be given by Natasha Reynolds from the University of Oxford. She will talk about the exiting yet lesser known Upper Palaeolithic of Russia. For further details see the abstract below. The seminar will take place as usual on Friday, 17th January  at 5pm in the Wymer Lab (bld 65a). Hope to see many of you!

The Mid Upper Palaeolithic of Russia in its European context

The Mid Upper Palaeolithic (MUP) record of Russia has long fascinated archaeologists worldwide, especially for its mobiliary art, huge lithic assemblages, and evidence for possible dwelling structures. However, historical and linguistic reasons have made it very difficult to study the Russian MUP in its broader European context. Furthermore, within Russia, earlier MUP assemblages have been somewhat neglected in comparison with the iconic Kostenki-Avdeevo Culture. Here I present an overview of current understanding of the Russian MUP and introduce some pressing research questions. This presentation includes some preliminary results from studies of backed bladelet assemblages from five Russian MUP sites undertaken over the past eighteen months.


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